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 How to redelegate a domain name / change ISP / change nameservers
Solution Login to the registrant, admin, or tech contact's account using the login box at the top right of this page or the top right of the home page. On the main page of the account, click on the domain name itself.

i) Enter the new nameservers in the appropriate fields and click submit.

If this is the first time using the nameservers in our system you will need to enter the IP addresses as well as the nameserver names.

Please allow 24 hours for nameserver propagation once updated. Some top level domains provide rapid zone updates which accelerates this process, however, most DNS servers "cache" DNS entries (including negative caching in the absence of a DNS entry).

You may be able to overcome caching of old DNS entries on your own computer:
On most windows systems select "Start" menu -> "Run" -> In the Open dialog box enter "cmd" (without quotations). Enter "ipconfig /flushdns" and you should see "Windows IP Configuration. Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache". Restarting your Windows system should achieve the same result. On Linux "rndc flush" in a root privileged shell may flush DNS cache entries (configuration dependent). If these examples are not appropriate for your configuration consult a system administrator or simply wait for the DNS to propagate. You may wish to try rebooting your system to clear any DNS cache you may have.

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